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We use time slots to avoid crowding. A limited number of tickets are available per 15-minute time slot. So you can enjoy your visit to the museum in peace and comfort. Book your ticket online in advance to avoid disappointment at the desk, as there is only a limited number of tickets available per timeslot.



The Bizarium 'audio guide' offers visitors an extra experience. The Dutch audio guide is voiced by word artist Maud Vanhauwaert; she tells a fascinating story about almost every invention. The operation of the audio guide is contactless (NFC) and very easy to use. The audio guide is offered in 4 languages (NE-DE-FR-EN). All hall texts are also in 4 languages.

CORONA / COVID 19: The audio guide is thoroughly cleaned with professional equipment before and after use, disinfected and individually packed. Thus, the visitors can enjoy their experience in an extremely hygienic manner.

audio guide bizarium


  • € 18 - REGULAR (12+ year) (audioguide included - Available in NL/DE/EN/FR)
  • € 14 - CHILDREN (from 6 to 12 year)  (audioguide included - Available in NL/DE/EN/FR)


  • CHILDREN: Due to the content of the museum and its layout, the museum is not suitable for children under 5.
  • MUSEUM CARD: The Dutch or Belgian museum card is not valid in the Bizarium. This private museum runs entirely on the proceeds of ticket sales and receives no government support, subsidy or entrance fee.


Photography and video is not allowed in the museum. Also with the camera of a mobile phone, photography or movies are not allowed.


The Bizarium is easily accessible with a wheelchair or walking aid. There is 1 wheelchair and 1 walking aid available that can be borrowed for free. In addition, there is also a disabled toilet  in the museum.

The museum welcomes guided dogs fitted with a suitable harness accompanying  visually-impaired visitors.



Dogs (and other pets) are not allowed in the Bizarium, with the exception of a registered assistance dog fitted with a harness.



Parking in Sluis is easy. We advise you to park your car in the car parks at the roundabout, they offer ample parking space. The P1 and P2 car parks are 250 m from the museum; here you pay a daily rate of € 3.5.

In the municipal car parks or in the city centre, you can park by means of license plate parking or by telephone (app or SMS).

Please note! With a disabled card you can park in the designated parking areas and you pay the normal parking rate.

  • CALL PARKING (app or SMS) +/- € 1,50 per hour.
  • CHARGE PARKING (Automated Ticket Machine) +/- € 1,50 per hour.
  • PRIVATE PARKING (Automat) max € 3,50 per day.


From Bruges Station (B) there is a bus connection to Sluis (+/- every hour). Bus 42 The line - Direction Breskens ferry harbour (NL) and back of course. The bus stop is in the Sint Annastraat in Sluis.  Timetable De Lijn


Buses can park for free in the bus parking area at the back of the Aldi in Sint Annastraat. This is also the pick-up and drop-off point. This is at walking distance from the museum. It is not allowed to drive with the bus into the centre.


You can park your motorcycle for free at the Kaai / St. Annastraat at the roundabout near the centre. Public lockers for e.g. motorbike helmets or coats can be found nearby at the Servicepunt at St. Annastraat 15.


The museum is easily accessible on foot from the Sluis shopping centre; it is a 150 m walk. Walk in the direction of Cadzand and on your left you will come across the historic building in which the Bizarium is housed.


Bizarium    .   Hoogstraat 35   .   4524 AA Sluis   .   Nederland


Welcome to the Bizarium Museum, we wish you a pleasant visit! To protect our collection, we ask you to observe the following house rules.


  • PHOTOGRAPHING & FILMING: It is NOT allowed to take photographs and/or film in the Bizarium.
  • DO NOT TOUCH: Touching the museum pieces is not allowed. (please keep an extra eye on the children)
  • GARDEROBE: You are requested to leave backpacks, umbrellas, packages, bags and handbags larger than A4 size 30 x 35 cm behind the desk.
  • GUIDES: External guides are not allowed to give guided tours in the Bizarium.
  • TELEPHONE: Other visitors to the Bizarium would appreciate it if you switched off your phone or put it on silent before entering the exhibition rooms.
  • EATING AND DRINKING: No eating or drinking is allowed in the exhibition halls.
  • SMOKING: Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the museum.
  • PETS: Pets are not allowed into the museum. Guide dogs for the blind are of course welcome.
  • CAMERA CTV: The museum is monitored by camera.



  • GUIDES: The teacher/escort of a group is responsible for the progress of the museum visit and for the behaviour of the pupils/participants. We expect you to provide a sufficient number of facilitators; at least one facilitator for every 10 pupils/participants.
  • INJURY: Please ensure that pupils/participants do not cause inconvenience to other visitors.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: In the interests of your own safety, you must always scrupulously follow the instructions for use accompanying the exhibits and/or the instructions given by our staff. The Bizarium museum is not liable for any damage resulting from a full or partial disregard of the user manuals or instructions. If your students do not handle the exhibits properly, if other visitors experience inconvenience or if proper supervision and care are lacking, we are obliged to ask you to end the visit prematurely.
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