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About the Bizarium

Bizarium is the only museum in the world
where inventions that were never realized
with great skill elaborated
and are depicted authentically.

Bizarium calls genius and crazy ideas,
which for centuries existed only on paper to life
and is thus not only a tribute to all the inventors of yesterday
but also an appeal to all creative thinkers today.

Bizarium shows how ideas never perish
but are often reborn in new forms, new heads,
and whatever unrealized inventions
creative developments have also determined.

Bizarium is also an ode to the naive dreamer,
the grotesque loser, the fearless idealist,
breaking the rules and does not fit into the world
or for whom the world is not ready yet.

Visiting Bizarium is a whirling dance
on the feast of fantasy
where your curiosity will be tickled
where your imagination starts to itch
and where you begin to believe
as long as you dare to fail, as long as you dare to look beyond
then your nose and even your own life's long
really nothing is impossible.

Mission & vision

Creativity is hot. People want to be creative and to be confronted with it. Creativity provides progress.

We welcome the visitor into a world of imagination and centuries-long history of inventiveness. The collection at the museum includes the most bizarre inventions in the world that fascinates all people. We provide educational reference points between the past and today's technology and tomorrow.

The strength of this museum lies in the fusion of inventiveness and creativity in relation to science, technology and design. Even today, people go in search of new insights. The promotion of scientific research, innovation and creativity is an ongoing task. So we provide a creative innovative incentive for young people. The collection tells endless fascinating stories which we can connect with a diverse audience.

For the visitor, it is a fascinating quest for similarities or contrasts between the exhibited objects and today's society, trends and developments.


About Us

The museum is a private initiative of design duo Marc De Jonghe and Ann Geerinck. The founders and creators of the museum.



03 September 2016

ZEELAND magazine herfst/winter 2016-2017
“Ode aan de originaliteit”